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Foster Serie Modular Induction 300 white - 7362 305

Induction cooking zone Ø 300 cm in white color. For the operation of this product, you must purchase the kit touch control panel and junction boxes, sold separately. Without the kit touch panel and the connection box, the induction cooking zone will not work.

Maximum freedom
Modular Induction allows you the freedom to compose your plan induction based on available space and specific needs.
The only limitation is the length of the cables that connect the elements with the connection box: 80 cm to 100 cm and touch module for the cooking zones.
Endless possibilities
The three models of plate, for different diameter and power, can be positioned with great flexibility in combinations of three or four zones controlled by respective panels touch control.
Simplifies installation
The installation is quick and easy thanks to the connection box, easy to fit in under the top, connecting the plates to touch control.
Coordinated to your style
Modular Induction is available in black or white for a perfect harmony with your top and your kitchen.

Electronic programming;
9 power settings for zone more Powerboost function;
Slider control;
touch control;
automatism go &stop;
safety equipment
Length of connection cable: 100 cm.

Technical data:
Maximum power consumption 2300 (3000) Watt.
* Powerboost

The touch control module kit and the connection box are sold separately. On the left of the tab in "Accessories and related products" you can see the connection kit and the panel.
Before making your purchase, please contact us to verify the compatibility of the desired composition.

Model: : 7362 305
Structure Material: Vetroceramica
Type of hob: Induction
EAN code: 8051566432820
2.38 in
11.8 in
11.8 in
Structure Color: White
Warranty by the producer (min. 2 years)
Attention! This product is suitable for voltages: 220V. Before buying, check the compatibility with the local power grid. Contact us for more information.


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