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Varier Variable balans - Step

Variable Balans, active seat. Design: Peter Opsvik

- Maintains the natural curvature of your back, even while seated
- Encourages movement
- Balans® system
- skates help to distribute body weight evenly
- Inclined seat facilitates and improves breathing
- The backrest (optional) allows a further improvement of posture

Variable Balans encourages movement and supports the body in every movement, allowing you to take different positions and to change them easily.
The movement activates your muscles, stimulating blood circulation and therefore helping you to stay more alert and focused for longer periods.
Ideal for working at your desk, whatever the activity to be performed.
The tilted forward seat and the skates allow a sitting position with an open angle; body posture is thus comparable to the upright posture. The curvature of the spine in natural alignment, eases the pressure on the vertebrae and aids breathing.
Sitting in an active manner will also strengthen the abdominal and back muscles and prevent muscle tension in neck and shoulders.
The optional backrest (sold separately) is ideal for long periods of use.
Regardless of the position assumed, the spine will always be supported in a correct way.

Weight: 6 Kg

Also available in different colours and fabrics - CLICK HERE

Model: : S_Variable
Seat Material: Padded
Structure Color: Black - Natural Beech
Structure Material: Beech
EAN code: 7020031000346
20.1 in
20.5 in
28.3 in
Seat Color: Beige
Seat Height (in): 19.7
Warranty by the producer (min. 2 years)
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