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Until July 31st.
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Eurosedia Aliante 302

The extension table Glider, is a great way to decorate the living room or dining room.
Ideal for decorating a modern setting.

The metal frame, available with chrome finish, glossy white, taupe or aluminum. The plans and extensions are tempered glass, various colors. The stretching mechanism is automatic.

Dimensions (cm):
Height: 75
Width: 130 (260)
Depth: 90
Seats: 6/10
Crystal thickness: 10 mm.

Model: : Aliante_302
Extensible: Yes
Folding: No
Material Plan: Crystal
Table Type: Rectangular
29.5 in
51.2 in
35.4 in
Max Width (in): 102.4
Structure Color: Taupe or Aluminium or Glossy White
Warranty by the producer (min. 2 years)
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