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Singer Simple 3223

Mechanical Sewing Machine.

Start with the right machine.
Learning to sew is easy and fun with sewing machines "SINGER SIMPLE", designed with special attention to beginners.
These machines offer all the basic features for those who want to start sewing. In addition, they are fully equipped to meet your sewing needs for the future.
You'll be surprised what you can create with a sewing machine: easy to learn, easy to love!

23 points, 6 base, elastic 7, 9 decorative
1 buttonhole automatic 4-stroke
Structure made of durable metal
Simple threading
Free arm
Included Accessories
Automatic 4-step buttonhole
Adjustable stitch length.

Model: : Simple-3223
Number of points: 23
Type of machine: Mechanics
EAN code: 0374318838724
Warranty by the producer (min. 2 years)
Attention! This product is suitable for voltages: 220V. Before buying, check the compatibility with the local power grid. Contact us for more information.


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